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Fully Equipped Pilates Studio in Chicago's North Center neigborhood


Established in 2010 by studio owners Angela Carini and Christine Hall. Coming from a long standing background in dance and athletics they found pilates through dance and sports related injuries and have become passionate about intelligent, biomechanically efficient exercise that provides maximum results without the risk of injury.

  • We specialize in high quality private pilates instruction and small group training.
  • Innovative class and program design
  • Contemporary approach to Pilates that focuses on the unique needs of the client.
  • We pride ourselves in taking a health and wellness first approach to fitness.
  • Post Rehabilitation specialization
  • Experienced, creative, and dedicated instructors.
  • Results-Driven Workouts
  • Emphasis on cutting edge research in exercise science and the latest in fitness trends.
  • All of our instructors are certified by The Pilates Method Alliance

our instructors

Angela Carini Photo

Angela Carini, Studio Owner/Senior Instructor/Post-Rehab Specialist (Tier 3)
B.A. Dance, Northwestern University
PMA Certified Instructor
AOBTA Certified Shiatsu Therapist

Studio owner, teacher trainer and senior Pilates instructor at Urbancore Pilates and Fitness, Angela Carini has over 15 years of experience in dance, bodywork and holistic forms of fitness.

Angela fell in love with Pilates more than a decade ago while studying at Northwestern University, where she earned her bachelor's degree in dance. In 2005, she pursued and completed her mat and equipment certification through the Physicalmind Institute, and has since developed a loyal following of clients who appreciate her mind-body approach to health.

Angela is dedicated to soaking in all she can as a practitioner and continues to perfect her craft by participating in advanced workshops in anatomy, cadaver dissection and rehabilitative protocols. Doing so ensures that she is able to design safe and effective workout programs for clients with chronic pain and injury.

Known for her precision and depth as an instructor, Angela incorporates a number of stretching and bodywork exercises into every session, including acupressure and manual therapies, to create proper bodily alignment and neuromuscular function. Though her teaching methods are notably challenging, clients—from musicians in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and professional dancers to elite athletes and fellow Pilates instructors—are able to overcome their own mental and physical limits while achieving a renewed sense of health and wellness.

Angela is also a certified and well-known shiatsu instructor. She is the author of the popular beginner video series The Art of Shiatsu and teaches classes and workshops to students of all levels.

Angela has taught Shiatsu at the renowned Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and Zen Shiatsu Chicago. She is currently pursuing a Certification in Taoist Medicine and Medical QiGong with internationally acclaimed instructor Michael Lomax.

Christine Brusca Hall, Studio Owner/PMA Certified Instructor (Tier 2)

Christine Hall, is a certified pilates instructor through both The PhysicalMind Institute and the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Chris specializes in training people who want to move better, feel better and look better. She has trained men and women, ages 13 to 78; those with back injuries, sports-related injuries, as well as pregnant and post-partum women. 

Chris herself is an athlete first and foremost, having begun her running career young, with her first race in 1981, as well as playing competitive tennis for many years. Fast forward when having 2 children physically affected her workouts, Chris decided to seek alternative methods of exercise to offset the beating her knees and hips had been taking over the years. Two visits to physical therapy finally led her to the world of pilates. Pilates was the balance she had been looking for a combination of the challenge of athletic movements as well as the lengthening/strengthening and core development her body was missing. After a year of being a pilates client, Chris decided to leave corporate America to pursue pilates as a career. 

In the last four years, Chris has successfully completed 3 marathons, numerous half marathons around the country, and is virtually injury free. In her own words:  "I want to feel great on as many days as possible. I don't believe in aging gracefully, I believe in fighting it every step of the way!"

Annie Murray, PMA Certified Instructor (Tier 2)

Annie began her study of Pilates in 2006 and immediately recognized the benefits in her posture, athletics and overall well-being. In 2010, she jumped at the opportunity to make Pilates her full time job! She completed her teacher training at Urbancore, became certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, and never looked back.

Annie continues to study anatomy and movement at Urbancore and beyond. She completed her certification as an Integrated Movement Specialist™ (IMS) in 2013 and has begun Qi Gong study. Her solid foundation in functional anatomy coupled with a growing understanding of wellness from an Eastern medicine perspective inspires Annie to help her clients become stronger, alleviate stiffness and pain, and achieve their wellness goals.

Annie has always led an active life, from cycling through Washington and California to playing basketball into her college years at Pomona College (and even during business school at Chicago Booth), to running - and most fun of all keeping up with her clients and three young children.

pilates chicago

Allison Ward, PMA Certified Instructor (Tier 2)

Allison Ward became hooked on Pilates in 2008 when chronic lower back pain, and numerous trips to doctors and physical therapists, led her to explore alternative treatment solutions. Since that first mat class not only has her back pain disappeared, but she feels stronger, healthier, and more mentally in tune with her body than she has in years. Allison began her teacher training with the talented instructors at Urbancore Pilates in early 2010 and is certified through the Pilates Method Alliance.

She loves the creativity, exuberance, and anatomical precision of Pilates exercises, and particularly enjoys sharing this with her clients as she helps them reach their fitness goals. Originally from Indianapolis, Allison moved to Chicago in 2007 after earning her MA in Arts Administration from Indiana University. She has a background in dance, and is still known to put on her tap shoes for a little time step action should the mood strike.

Beth Milligan, PMA Certified Instructor (Tier 1)

Beth has done Pilates on and off over the years and always enjoyed it, but when Pilates and Qi Gong helped her avoid surgery for a bulging disk she became passionate about it. With her eyes opened to how she had been compensating for a weak core when running, playing tennis, strength training and even sitting at her desk, Beth began learning more about Pilates and it’s many benefits. She loves that it helps you function better today and prepares your body and mind to age more gracefully. Beth is excited to help others discover and practice Pilates to be more successful in the activities they love, enhance body awareness and look better to boot.

Originally from the northern suburbs, Beth has been living in Chicago since graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Meshelle Rich, PMA Certified Instructor (Tier 1)

Meshelle has been an athlete since her youth, focusing on running and soccer since her graduation from college at UC Santa Barbara. She discovered Pilates around 10 years ago and originally used it as a means to cross-train and improve her sports performance. Pilates training has helped Meshelle develop a strong, stable core needed to continually meet her athletic goals, including running a sub 3 hour marathon in 2011. Her dedicated practice has allowed her to remain injury-free and become more flexible. Pilates also helped her get back into shape quickly after the delivery of her two daughters. She is energetic and motivated to help her clients reach their personal fitness goals. Away from the studio, you can often find Meshelle running local road races or chasing her two toddlers around the neighborhood.


Lisa Nicotra-Slattery, PMA Certified Instructor (Tier 1)

Lisa was instantly hooked on Pilates when she became a client at Urbancore in the Summer of 2012. She found that practicing Pilates helped her feel more centered, stable, and connected to her mind, body and spirit. Pilates has also helped completely eliminate the back pain she experienced once or twice a month! Admiration for the work and her love for Pilates led Lisa to inquire about the process of becoming a certified instructor and helped her jump into teacher training with Angela in the Fall of 2013

Lisa worked in upper-level management in the retail world and then decided to go back to school where she majored in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Art History. Lisa is now a preschool teacher with two classes of twenty 3-5 year olds and is excited to take that step from teaching children to teaching adults!



Sarah Howells, PMA Certified Instructor (Tier 1)

As a practicing physical therapist for over 12 years with a specialty certification in orthopedics, Sarah immediately recognized the benefits that pilates offered both personally and professionally when she began training in Pilates three years ago. Her training philosophy is to utilize a structured pilates program centered around a client’s goals in which weekly gains are realized.


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